Indian Sandstone Circle Pack

Raj blend sandstone circle pack with Freshfield Lane brick border.

Sandstone Steps

Indian sandstone garden steps with a sandstone border brick.

Raj Blend Sandstone Patio

Sandstone patio with brick retaining wall and sandstone edgings.

Pool Copings and Sandstone Patio

White bull nose swimming pool copings surrounded by Indian sandstone paving.

Patio and Raised Flower Bed

Natural sandstone patio with a double skin border brick and raised brick flower bed.

Slate Water Feature and Rockery

Plum slate water feature with 3 tiered rockery surrounded by loose slate chippings.

Block Paved Seating Area

Traditional brett block paved seating area with a curved brindle border.

Indian Sandstone Patio

Rainbow Indian sandstone patio edged with a sweeping west Hoathly border brick.

Pergola and Gravel Garden

Twisting brick piers with timber pergola and plum slate gravel garden with a west Hoathly brick on edge.

Block Paved Driveway

Block paved driveway laid in a 45 degree herringbone pattern in brindle colour blocks with a charcoal border.

Indian Sandstone Patio

Newly designed Indian Sandstone patio with circle inset, curved path, brick border and water feature.

Pewter Multi Block Driveway

Driveway installed using Pewter Multi blocks. Design includes half circle step and close board fencing.

Brett Alpha Antique Paving

Inclined driveway in Brett Alpha Antique paving blocks. Bordered by brick retaining wall and picket fence.

Border and Ornamental Fencing

Dual level Indian Sandstone patio with curved design feature. Bordered by ornamental fencing.

Brindle Double Driveway

Extended double driveway in Brindle blocks. Finished with a charcoal border linked to side pathway.